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Educating Consumers Benefits Everyone

My latest press release is simply to educate consumers about why bathtub painting is not bathtub refinishing. So many times we hear "It's all in the preparation". However, the truth is being educated about how to prepare the surface is crucial.

Sanding and cleaning just is not enough

We have all seen the youtube videos and home improvement videos that shows someone painting a bathtub. They finish and take a picture of it and that's really the last we hear of it. It looks great and sadly that is the easy, misleading part. It will look great until it dries to a less glossy shine and for most people even that would be acceptable. I mean to be honest you put a shower curtain up or the way the lighting may hit the tub it's nothing to be really noticed. As long as it doesn't look stained and dirty it's fine.

That's not the real problem though

The lack of gloss of the tub or shower may be something most people can deal with but the real issue is not if but when it peels. See paint goes on top of the old surface, unless that surface and if you do an excellent job it may even partially stick. However when water hits that surface the temperature fluctuation will cause condensation. That condensation is going to form between the paint and bathtub surface causing it to lift off usually with days or weeks. Another issue with paint is that even though it may allow "scrubbing" there is a difference between a 15 to 30 minute shower of constant water and "scrubbing". That paint will wear through It will lift, it will peel and this is not saying it may do these things... I'm telling you it will do these things.

Dallas Bathtub Services Never Uses the D.I.Y Epoxy Kit or Urethane Paint

We use the synergistic process and coatings endorsed by the Professional Bathtub Refinishing Association. The bathtub refinishing process is more like getting a spray in bathtub liner that is etched and chemically welded into the old surface. It includes an 8 year transferable warranty and is expected to last over 20 years.
Dallas Bathtub Services
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