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Dallas Bathtub Refinishing Reviews The bathtub refinishing Industry has undergone some changes over the past 20 years but the last 5 to 7 years have provided technological advancements that makes the Epoxy D.I.Y kits completely obsolete.
So many times In our Industry I hear "I need to have my bathtub painted" or "I'm pretty handy I will get a bathtub painting kit this weekend and redo my tub". Please just hear me out before you make a decision. I'm not going to try to sell you on hiring me. I'm just going to present evidence and what I have found through my Dallas bathtub refinishing reviews
 Water Resistant And Water Proof Are Very Different Things The Epoxy and Urethane paints being used on bathtubs and tile are water resistant paints. The Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association endorses Fluoropolymer coatings that are water proof coatings. It is a fair statement that these coatings are more like plastic in property. The coatings are not th…

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Educating Consumers Benefits Everyone My latest press release is simply to educate consumers about why bathtub painting is not bathtub refinishing. So many times we hear "It's all in the preparation". However, the truth is being educated about how to prepare the surface is crucial.
Sanding and cleaning just is not enough We have all seen the youtube videos and home improvement videos that shows someone painting a bathtub. They finish and take a picture of it and that's really the last we hear of it. It looks great and sadly that is the easy, misleading part. It will look great until it dries to a less glossy shine and for most people even that would be acceptable. I mean to be honest you put a shower curtain up or the way the lighting may hit the tub it's nothing to be really noticed. As long as it doesn't look stained and dirty it's fine.
That's not the real problem though The lack of gloss of the tub or shower may be something most people can deal …